• I design, build and host web applications and websites at affordable prices for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)!
  • I also build small businesses.

Services & Prices

  1. Web application development from 500€. My services include web design and development.
  2. Website development from 500€. My services include web design and development.
  3. Free hosting. For web applications/websites developed by Gexl with low traffic/disk usage.
  4. Hosting. From 4€/per month (billed annually).
  5. Support, web redesign, and development of new features. From 50€ per hour.
  6. Maintenance is currently offered for free.
  7. Domain name registration and renewal *. The first year of registration is free for particular domain name extensions (up to $20).
  8. I also offer free basic training and free resources to understand how to use the finished products for the clients (web apps and sites).
  9. Building your small business. This service includes choosing a name for your business, creating your email address, registering your domain name, creating your social media handles, and advice on business fundamentals to get you started. From 1000€.

* If you hire me to develop your app or site.

Prices include VAT.

You can find me on Fiverr and Upwork! Here is my web development offer:

Build you modern, reliable, fast and usable web applications and sites by Gexleu | Fiverr

You will get a modern, reliable, fast and easy-to-use web application or website! | Upwork