By Solon Papageorgiou, 2 October, 2022

Your electronic library

The Paper is dead. It's all electronic now. So it's your library.

Since we live in the Internet age, google everything you need to know. Then you should bookmark the pages so you can access them later, and make sure you've an account in your browser so that if something happens to your PC, you can access your bookmarks on another PC.

By Solon Papageorgiou, 2 October, 2022


You need to back up your data to restore it in a disaster (such as hardware failure, theft, etc.).

First, you should make sure you use a service like OneDrive or Google Drive. They automatically store your essential folders and files in the cloud. These services offer a lot of storage for free. Also, use a backup tool to back up your other important data to an external hard drive or network drive. An excellent free tool is FBackup (it saves the data in a ZIP file so that it can be opened by many unpacking programs and encrypted with a password).

By Solon Papageorgiou, 2 October, 2022

Your website

You need a website to be successful in your business.

It's an advertising, marketing, and trading tool where you can inform about your products and services, show your portfolio and sell.

It's also a place where you allow your potential customers to contact you, where you can display all the links to your social networks and where you might keep a blog with articles (which are indexed by Google and bring you traffic to your website).

By Solon Papageorgiou, 1 October, 2022


Real-world items you'll need for your work include furniture and technical equipment.

Of course, you'll need a desk and a chair, but you probably already have that. And an office, but you can also work from home, so you don't have to spend a dime!

By Solon Papageorgiou, 1 October, 2022

The name of your company

You start by finding a good name for your business. 

A good name doesn't necessarily have to describe your products or services. You can choose one that does, but that's usually a bad idea.

By Solon Papageorgiou, 1 October, 2022



I'm Solon Papageorgiou and in this blog, I'm going to explain how to build your own small business!

I'll focus on how to build an online business (which requires little initial capital and low maintenance costs), but the main principles can also be applied to brick-and-mortar businesses!

That's it for now, my friends! See you in the next post!